Escape from Paradise

Escape from Paradise

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Rising from the waters of a mysterious pond, Adam finds himself in a strange new world, a golden paradise. Ten years later, still obsessed with finding the pond and his way back home, Adam receives a suspicious message from an enigmatic little girl inviting him to the high country, which is at war with the golden paradise.

Adam can't avoid the war, and once captured, he and his friend Abigail must discover what holds them captive, who they can trust, and how to break free before time runs out.

D. Richard Ferguson’s Escape From Paradise is a spiritually-driven Action-Adventure Allegory, a theological detective story about to receive power from God to transform desires and restore joy.

An inspirational and emotionally-gripping novel of faith, courage, and restoration, each new plot twist uncovers another layer of spiritual meaning.

Prepare to be thrilled, moved, and changed by Escape from Paradise.

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Deeper Knowledge of God

Deeper Knowledge of God

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​​Nothing in life is more important than delighting in God. The greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. And this is only possible through ever-increasing understanding and appreciation of what God is like.

Formerly published under the title What's So Great About God?, Deeper Knowledge of God examines 76 different attributes of God from the book of Psalms, divided into 180 daily meditations. This book takes you much deeper than the typical dozen or so attributes most theologies list.

Go deep into the riches of the nature of God and learn to love him in life-changing new ways that not only captivate the mind, but thrill the emotions.

There is also a topic index so you can look up whatever area of the Christian life you may be dealing with to find which attributes of God speak to those issues.

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Lost in Prayer

Lost in Prayer

$11.99eBook: $2.99Audiobook: $17.46
We long for a deeper experience of God’s presence, but it’s hard. Our minds wander and prayer becomes … well … boring.
Lost in Prayer is more than a devotional. It’s a tool for guided prayer and meditation on God’s Word for enjoyable, satisfying communion with God. More than just a daily reading, the questions will stimulate your thoughts to enable you to think deeply. And the prayer prompts will keep your conversation with God moving in fresh, intriguing ways.
Each day has five sections …
Prepare  (Scriptures that will help place your
spirit in a good posture for
approaching God)

Meditate  (The passage for the day with
questions to help you think deeply
about the meaning and the
implications for your life)
Pray for Others (Prompts to pray for family,
friends, enemies, authorities,
the lost, and your church.)
Thanksgiving (Guides for how to increase your
​                          joy through gratitude)
Take it With You (Call to select one thought
from the day’s devotional to
carry with you through the
​                              day)
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