Escape from Paradise

Escape from Paradise

What if an enemy controlled all your cravings?

Rising from the waters of a mysterious pond, Adam finds himself in a strange new world, a golden paradise. Ten years later, still obsessed with finding the pond and his way back home, Adam receives a suspicious message from an enigmatic little girl inviting him to the high country, which is at war with the golden paradise.

Adam can't avoid the war, and once captured, he and his friend Abigail must discover what holds them captive, who they can trust, and how to break free before time runs out.

D. Richard Ferguson’s Escape From Paradise is a spiritually-driven Action-Adventure Allegory, a theological detective story about to receive power from God to transform desires and restore joy.

An inspirational and emotionally-gripping novel of faith, courage, and restoration, each new plot twist uncovers another layer of spiritual meaning.

Prepare to be thrilled, moved, and changed by Escape from Paradise.

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Genres: allegory, Christian action/adventure, Christian adventure, Christian fiction, Christian Living, Inspirational, parable
Tags: action, adventure, Biblical, Christian, Christian fiction, Christian novel, Evangelical, New novel, parable, Theology
Publisher: Food For Your Soul Ministries
Publication Year: 2021
Format: paperback
Length: 240
Narrator: D. Richard Ferguson
Illustrator: Faith Ferguson
ISBN: 9780974952604
List Price: 13.99
eBook Price: 3.99
Audiobook Price: 7.99
* Oh my goodness! I'm on page 406 and am still riveted. What a page turner! I am pausing also to ask the Lord to speak to my heart. Fabulous book!
* In "Escape from Paradise," you'll be transported into a new, multi-faceted world that will resonate with the universal aspects of the Christian faith journey. You'll be reminded that we are part of an epic daily battle as we navigate the challenges of life on our way home to the Father. With delectable allegorical parallels, the author shares the adventures of Adam and his other characters to skillfully evoke empathy while revealing Biblical truths in both an engaging and refreshing way.
* The Lord is already using it in beautiful ways to speak truth to my heart.
* I had to force myself to put it away last night just so I could sleep. The style and story development remind me of Perelandra.
* Cinematic!
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