At War with the Wind: The Fight for Abigail

At War with the Wind: The Fight for Abigail

How do you rescue someone who loves her prison?

A journey of faith. A fight for redemption. Can they conquer external and internal forces to follow the way to freedom?

Watson is stunned that his sister abandoned her family and joined the enemy. So even as she accepts defeat, he’s determined to overcome every obstacle and stage a daring rescue. But as he and his friends stride forth, powerful foes send epic floods to drown all hope.

Abigail knows she made a terrible mistake and fights to escape the tainted paradise strangling her soul. But just when freedom seems within reach, the rescue effort takes a catastrophic turn. As Abigail struggles to find her way back to the light, she is pulled even further into the enemy’s iron grip.

Her last hope is her brother. But as Watson forges ahead to liberate Abigail, he battles twisted spirits, deadly attacks, and crushing failure.

Can Abigail free herself from her own lethal cravings and restore her joy?

At War with the Wind: The Fight for Abigail is the thought-provoking second and final book in the Walk with the Wind Christian fantasy series. If you like stalwart characters, action and suspense, and deep themes, then you’ll love D. Richard Ferguson’s allegorical conclusion.

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"Chapter 21 was the most beautiful thing I have ever listened to. It moved me at such a deep level I cried! I listened to it 3 times and it made me cry every time!" – reader comment
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Series: Walk with the Wind, Book 2
Genre: Christian fiction
Tags: action, adventure, Christian, Christian fiction, Christian novel, New novel, Novels for Christian teens, Novels for homeschoolers
Publisher: Food For Your Soul Ministries
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Paperback, ebook, and audiobook
Length: 252
Narrator: D. Richard Ferguson
Illustrator: Faith Reeves
ASIN: B0916D2GC9
ISBN: 9780974952611
List Price: 10.45
eBook Price: 2.45
Audiobook Price: 12.99
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About the Book

Book one in the series, Escape from Paradise, is an allegory of the gospel. Book two, At War with the Wind, is an allegory of the Christian life–particularly the war against sin.

After 25 years as a pastor and biblical counselor, I have worked with many people who have been hopelessly trapped in a sin. Some were enslaved by sins that are commonly thought of as addictions (drunkenness, sexual immorality, etc.). Others are typically described more in terms of bad habits (overeating, laziness, swearing, etc.).

Either way, if it’s something you’ve tried to stop and failed, you are enslaved to some degree.

All the principles I’ve learned from God’s Word over the years that help people break free from that kind of enslavement are the bones of At War with the Wind. It would be a good book for anyone struggling with a besetting sin.

Book one could function as a gospel tract. An unbeliever who likes fiction may enjoy the story, and you could get together afterward and talk through the meaning of the allegory.

But book one is also important for believers, because it goes well beyond just the basics of how to become a Christian. The book is loaded with gospel principles that are crucial for every aspect of the Christian life.

But don’t let all that scare you off if you just like a fun story. There is plenty of actions, suspense, and mystery to keep you turning pages until the end!

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