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Delight Yourself in God

A 20-Day Devotional on
Four Surprising Attributes of God

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I write for people who want deeper joy in the Lord than they have ever had before

– D. Richard Ferguson

The Benefits of Suffering – 23 Reasons to Count It all Joy

The Benefits of Suffering – 23 Reasons to Count It all Joy

Everything God does, He does for a reason—an infinitely good reason. He does not waste His time and He does nothing arbitrarily. God only does good things (Dt.32:4). Oh, what a blessing it is to know that absolutely everything that ever happens to us—down to the smallest detail—is a purposeful, intentional, loving, wise, beneficial step in a grand, glorious design!  Every moment of every day you are experiencing the unfolding of the great drama of God’s perfect providential plan.

What Kind of Reader Are You?

D. Richard Ferguson writes evangelical Christian books for the purpose of helping God’s people love the Lord their God. And that is accomplished through both nonfiction and fiction.

D. Richard Ferguson writes evangelical Christian books for the purpose of helping God’s people love the Lord their God. And that is accomplished through both nonfiction and fiction.

Nonfiction Readers


If you’re like me, you don’t have much time for novels. An exciting story can be fun, but there’s so much to learn—so many books out there that can help you understand more about God and his Word. Books that will help you live the Christian life and increase your love for God and others.

I believe there is a place for fiction, but all our reading, fiction or nonfiction, should be for one purpose. Increasing our love for God.

Jesus was clear. Nothing is more important than loving God and loving others. All my books are written with that governing principle. The devotionals are designed not just to give you a daily insight, but to provide clear, practical ways to increase your love for the Lord every day.

And the Wise Counsel book is designed to equip you in your efforts to love others, showing you how to give them spiritual help that supplies exactly what they need in the moment.


Fiction Readers


Everyone loves a good drama. There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a story that carries you through adventures, dangers, and mysteries and lets you experience losses, gains, victories, defeats, anticipation, hope, and love—all without leaving the comfort of your overstuffed chair and hot tea.

But there’s something even better than a good story. Namely, a good story that edifies your soul and moves your emotions closer to God’s affections, so you feel what he feels. Fiction, at its best, trains your soul to see things the way God sees them.

That’s the kind of story I strive to write. All my effort is writing is for that goal.


Nothing in the Christian life is harder than changing the way you feel to match the way God calls you to feel. But a gripping story that pulls you inside a character who makes godliness seem desirable can be one of the most powerful ways to improve your own affections.

Short Stories

Hannah's Prayer Short Story Christian historical fiction book cover

Hannah’s Prayer

How one desperate prayer rattled heaven
and changed the world.

Part 1 of the Life of David series.

Short story Christian allegory parable fiction book cover

Sarah’s Gift

A parable on the use of spiritual gifts 



Deeper Knowledge of God Meditations on 76 Attributes Devotional book cover on the attributes of God

Deeper Knowledge of God

Daily Devotional on 76 Attributes of God
180 Daily Meditations to Help You Increase Your Delight in God
Lost in Prayer communing with God by Contemplating his word guided prayer devotional book cover

Lost in Prayer

Guided prayer and meditation on Scripture
40-day devotional


Book Cover

Delight Yourself in God

A 20-Day Devotional
on 4 Surprising Attributes of God

Biblical Counseling

Wise Counsel applying God's word to life's problems Biblical Nouthetic Counseling book cover

Wise Counsel

Find solutions in God’s Word for depression, anxiety, bipolar, anger, and many other common problems.

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Author, POdcaster, Public Speaker

D. Richard Ferguson 

(B.A., M.S.L., D.R.S.) 

Many know Dr. Ferguson as Pastor Darrell Ferguson, host of the popular Food For Your Soul radio program. Dr. Ferguson’s books are the fruit of 25 years of pastoral ministry and biblical counseling, formal seminary training, and a deep, lifelong passion for God’s Word.

Dr. Ferguson lives in Colorado where he stands in constant wonder at how God reveals his glory in the creation. His many experiences shooting rapids, climbing mountains, biking, and 4-wheeling find their way into his stories.     Read more…

“One compelling passion has driven me for 40 years:​
applying the Word of God to the hearts of men and women.”

– D. Richard Ferguson