Deeper Knowledge of God

Deeper Knowledge of God

Daily devotional on 76 attributes of God. 180 daily meditations to help you increase your delight in God

It’s nice to review the basics—God is powerful, good, and wise. But transformation comes from knowing God deeply.

David sang, danced, and shouted for joy over his love for God. But what if you don’t feel that kind of emotion? We all know what it’s like to gain biblical information but remain unchanged. Each of the daily readings in Deeper Knowledge of God highlights one of 76 attributes of God and explores how to experience that aspect of his character in a way to generates real, life-changing joy.

The topical index enables you to pinpoint which attributes of God speak to your specific needs Struggle with anxiety? Depression? Fear? Joylessness? The answer to every one of our spiritual problems is found in a deeper experience of certain facets of God’s glory that dispel that particular form of darkness.

Order your copy today and immerse yourself in truths about God that will captivate your mind, thrill your emotions, and change the course of your life.

* Formerly published under the title What's So Great About God?,

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Genres: Christian Living, Devotional, Inspirational
Tags: Attributes of God, Devotional, Theology
Publisher: Food For Your Soul Ministries
Publication Year: 2020
List Price: 16.99
eBook Price: 3.99
“D. Richard Ferguson accomplishes three things that are rare in the world of Christian books: he astonishes with outside-the-box insights, he maintains a practical rather than theoretical focus, and he is thorough and steeped in biblical images of God's nature and deeds that most people never comment on. If you want a deep exploration of living life with God, to see him behind the veil and know he is there, Ferguson's book is unique and worthy of being this year's spiritual project for anyone fortunate enough to pick it up.”
– Derek Leman, M.T.S., Hebrew Bible, Emory University
“Get ready for a revived, growing faith in God as you seek His heart daily through this book. Darrell wonderfully leads us on a daily devotional adventure through the depths of who God is. Encouraging and maturing faith await you. Jump in today."
– Ed Taylor, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Aurora, CO
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About the Book

​​Nothing in life is more important than delighting in God. The greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. And this is only possible through ever-increasing understanding and appreciation of what God is like.Formerly published under the title What’s So Great About God?, Deeper Knowledge of God examines 76 different attributes of God from the book of Psalms, divided into 180 daily meditations. This book takes you much deeper than the typical dozen or so attributes most theologies list.

Go deep into the riches of the nature of God and learn to love him in life-changing new ways that not only captivate the mind, but thrill the emotions.

There is also a topic index so you can look up whatever area of the Christian life you may be dealing with to find which attributes of God speak to those issues.

From the Author …

Why is it so hard to be consistent in your time alone with God?

Because the time you’re spending isn’t enjoyable enough.

For many years I was faithful, every morning, to spend time in prayer and Bible reading. But it was the least enjoyable part of my day.

Now I can honestly say it is the most enjoyable part of my day.


What changed? I learned how to experience God’s presence in a profound way every day.


In this book I share what I learned that has brought me so much closer to God

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