About D. Richard Ferguson (B.A., M.S.L., D.R.S.)

Richard’s books are the fruit of nearly 3 decades of pastoral ministry and biblical counseling, formal seminary training, and a deep, lifelong passion for God’s Word … and a whole lot of time in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Psalm 19 speaks of the two books of God’s Word—Scriptures and the creation. Richard loves both. 

As a professional whitewater rafting guide, Richard took paddle crews through everything from class I (mild floats trips) to dangerous class V expeditions.

His river guiding mirrors his writing and preaching. His approach could be called class V joy—taking you deeper into the joy of the Lord than you’ve ever gone before.

Rafting photo

After graduating from Moody Bible Institute, Richard spent the next 27 years serving as a youth pastor, senior pastor, church planter, and the host of the popular Food For Your Soul radio broadcast. (His Master of Sacred Literature and Doctor of Religious studies degrees also came along the way.) 

Now Richard’s focus is on writing—both fiction and nonfiction and hosting the daily Food For Your Soul podcast.

Richard and his wife Tracy live in Colorado where they enjoy their six grandchildren and the wonders of God’s creation. 

The clearest view into Richard’s heart is through his sermons. From childhood, Richard’s passion has been the expository preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

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