Delight Yourself  in God: A 20-Day Devotional on Four Surprising Attributes of God. Practical Steps for Drawing Near to God and Increasing Your Love for Him Updated and Revised

Delight Yourself in God: A 20-Day Devotional on Four Surprising Attributes of God. Practical Steps for Drawing Near to God and Increasing Your Love for Him Updated and Revised

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The “18-inch miss.” It’s when truths about God lodge in your mind but fail to stir your heart. The book of Psalms is loaded with insights on how to cure this malady.

What does it feel like to enjoy God’s presence? The Bible uses emotional language like, "Delight yourself in the LORD." But what if you don't feel those emotions?

Delight Yourself in God will show you the path to renewed passion for God and stoke the fires of your delight in Christ.

This volume is a sample of the larger volume, Deeper Knowledge of God which is the result of a two-year deep dive into the Psalms to answer those questions that revolutionized the author’s life. Delight Yourself in God contains the first 20 meditations from the larger volume. It focuses on four crucial attributes of God:

    • God’s Presence
    • God as food and drink
    • God as filler of all things
    • God’s superiority to earthly pleasures

Each day’s reading focuses on how understanding and experiencing these attributes of God can awaken emotions such as delight, joy, hope, peace, and many others.

Get your copy today and take your delight in God deeper than ever before!

NOTE: If you downloaded this volume prior to 1/29/22, you must delete your outdated version before you can get the new version.

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Deeper Knowledge of God

Deeper Knowledge of God

$16.99eBook: $3.99

It’s nice to review the basics—God is powerful, good, and wise. But transformation comes from knowing God deeply.

David sang, danced, and shouted for joy over his love for God. But what if you don’t feel that kind of emotion? We all know what it’s like to gain biblical information but remain unchanged. Each of the daily readings in Deeper Knowledge of God highlights one of 76 attributes of God and explores how to experience that aspect of his character in a way to generates real, life-changing joy.

The topical index enables you to pinpoint which attributes of God speak to your specific needs Struggle with anxiety? Depression? Fear? Joylessness? The answer to every one of our spiritual problems is found in a deeper experience of certain facets of God’s glory that dispel that particular form of darkness.

Order your copy today and immerse yourself in truths about God that will captivate your mind, thrill your emotions, and change the course of your life.

* Formerly published under the title What's So Great About God?,

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Lost in Prayer

Lost in Prayer

$11.99eBook: $2.99Audiobook: $17.46
We long for a deeper experience of God’s presence, but it’s hard. Our minds wander and prayer becomes … well … boring.
Lost in Prayer is more than a devotional. It’s a tool for guided prayer and meditation on God’s Word for enjoyable, satisfying communion with God. More than just a daily reading, the questions will stimulate your thoughts to enable you to think deeply. And the prayer prompts will keep your conversation with God moving in fresh, intriguing ways.
Each day has five sections …
Prepare  (Scriptures that will help place your

spirit in a good posture for

approaching God)

Meditate  (The passage for the day with

questions to help you think deeply

about the meaning and the

implications for your life)

Pray for Others (Prompts to pray for family,

friends, enemies, authorities,

the lost, and your church.)

Thanksgiving (Guides for how to increase your

​                          joy through gratitude)

Take it With You (Call to select one thought

from the day’s devotional to

carry with you through the

​                              day)​​

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