Holy, holy” seraphs’ cry
and call to all who hear

Cover feet and face before
the one whom all must fear

His glory fills the earth and
flashes brighter than the sun

To him belongs the highest praise
his equal, no not one

More worthy he to be the one
whom every creature seeks

Than any treasure earth may boast
the heavens, land, or sea

But if deserving of our praise
and honor and our fear

Our faithful prayers, repentant sobs
and every mournful tear

Then what of that, the greatest of
the gifts we can bestow

Our hearts, the love that steers our lives
and pulls the soul in tow?

If worthy of obedience
and duty and of praise

How much more must we with joy
our longings to him raise?

His claim on us extends beyond
just that which people see

All is his, our hearts and souls
not just our hands and feet

This poem was written as the closing for the sermon, The Greatest Thing You Could Ever Do, an expository message on the Greatest Commandment in Mark 12:28-32. Listen, watch, or read the sermon here. For a list of all the sermons, visit the sermons page.