It used to be, if you wanted to listen to a sermon outside of Sunday morning, you would turn on Christian radio and listen to whomever happened to be on, preaching on whatever text he happened to be handling. But now anyone with online access can find a sermon any time, day or night, on pretty much any topic or passage of Scripture.

There is some amazing preaching available out there. But there is a lot of lousy preaching as well. If you want to avoid wading through the ocean of options out there, here is my guide to the seven best sermon websites out there.

1. Grace to You (John MacArthur sermons)

John MacArthur has been preaching two expository sermons a week in the same church for over 50 years. The result is a website where you can download an in-depth sermon on any verse in the entire New Testament. There are other sites in this list with sermons I like more than MacArthur’s, but too often those sites don’t have a message on the passage I’m studying. GTY has a sermon on every verse.

You may not agree with all MacArthur’s beliefs. I definitely don’t. But I still regard his sermons as invaluable. After hearing him preach on a passage, even if I disagree with his conclusions, I come away with a deeper understanding of the passage.

2. Desiring God (John Piper sermons)

If I can only listen to one sermon on a passage, it will almost always be John Piper. His combination of careful, accurate interpretation, profound insight, and contagious passion make his sermons more likely to change my life than any other preacher I know of. I have very little patience with preachers who do little more than state the obvious, or repeat the same things I’ve heard all my life. I can always count on a Piper sermon to show me truths I hadn’t seen before, or from an angle I’ve never considered.

3. Ligonier Ministries (R. C. Sproul sermons)

Like John Piper, R. C. Sproul was a combination scholar/pastor, which is a combination I absolutely love. Pastors have great understanding of people’s needs and helpful applications of Scripture, but all too often I find myself wondering if I can trust their knowledge of the language, historical context, or other interpretive elements. Many pastors rely on popular commentaries with varying levels of reliability, whereas scholars have better training with original sources and tend to be more conscientious about verifying what they read before preaching it.

Sproul has a plodding style, but his preaching is still captivating (especially if you listen on about 1.3X speed). Most of his sermons only have one or two points, but they are almost always good ones.

I recommend both his sermons and his teaching series.

4. Truth for Life (Alistair Begg sermons)

Good, solid expository preaching, delivered with an amazing accent. Before preaching on a passage, I always listen to Begg’s sermon on that passage.

5. (Bruce Gore lectures)

Bruce Gore is a retired seminary professor who teaches at his church. Unlike many professors, he is very listenable and engaging. He’s another resource I always listen to when I’m studying a passage. Highly recommended.

6. Christ Covenant Church (Kevin DeYoung sermons)

Another well-read, reliable, doctrinally sound pastor who is very listenable and has helpful insights. (His website is very difficult to navigate, so I recommend using the link above.)

7. Food For Your Soul (D. Richard Ferguson’s sermons)

If you don’t have time to listen to all the previous six, my sermons glean the best from all of them, as well as many commentaries and other resources.

If you would like more bite-sized portions, subscribe to the Food For Your Soul podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Excerpts from the sermons ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in length. It’s like breakfast for your soul.

So what about you? Do you have a favorite preacher? Please mention the sites you find helpful in the comments.