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Wise Counsel: Applying God’s Word to Life’s Problems

Wise Counsel: Applying God’s Word to Life’s Problems

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Is the Word of God sufficient for dealing with common problems--worry, depression, panic attacks, addiction, or bipolar disorder? Does the Bible even address these conditions? How do you know if a problem is spiritual or psychological or physical? When is professional help needed? This book addresses each of these questions through a careful study of Scripture.

How much training does it take to be able to offer wise counsel to people with serious problems? Not as much as you might think. Whether you are a brand new Christian or have counseled people for years, this book will help you

• discern which parts of a problem are spiritual and which are not

• translate the problem into biblical terms

• find real solutions from God’s Word

Wise Counsel explains how to confront sin with humility and gentle firmness and how to show Christlike compassion to those who are suffering. It will show you how to edify and build up a person who comes to you with problems ranging from mild anxiety to a major crisis. The principles in this book will equip you to offer wise counsel to someone who is struggling – even if that someone is you!

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