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A classic work on how to kill sin by the Spirit based on Romans 8:13.


A sin is “mortified” (killed) by a habitual weakening of it, constant fighting against it (understanding the danger and the ways it tends to get success against you) and then in gaining frequent success (so the sin isn’t disrupting his peace or hindering his duty).

A sin is especially problematic if it is inveterate (so frequent that it no longer startles the conscience), or finds acceptance or toleration in the heart, or if you claim God will show mercy in this one area because of faithfulness in other areas, or if there is frequent failure in that area, or if the only motive for avoiding the sin is punishment, or if this sin has withstood God’s chastisement.

How to kill a sin:

* Displace the sin with the corresponding virtue.

* Make sure there isn’t disobedience in other areas (God sometimes allows weakness in one area because of disobedience or neglect in other areas).

* Get a clear sense of the guilt, danger, and evil of the sin and “load” the conscience with the sense of guilt

* Load your conscience with the guilt of it (by letting the law do its work, and by considering the grace this sin is done in the face of.

* Get a constant longing, breathing after deliverance from the power of the sin.

* When there is a natural predisposition toward that sin, realize that increases guilt, and that it puts you in greater danger requiring greater watchfulness.

* Beat your body and make it your slave by things like fasting and watching

* Be alert to the things that excite sinful desires.

* Rise mightily against the first actings of your sin

* Think much of the excellency of the majesty of God

* After sinning, speak no peace to your heart until God speaks it

* Think more about Christ and the cross than about the sin and expect help from Him.

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