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This is what Mounce calls a “baby Greek” course. The object is to teach enough Greek to enable the average Christian to be a much better interpreter of Scripture and to understand the scholarly commentaries. The main difference between baby Greek and a regular first year Greek class is the baby Greek approach doesn’t require the memorization of the word endings or vocabulary. In fact, the only memorization required is in chapter one where he tells you to memorize the Greek alphabet.
I recommend this book very highly. Mounce is an outstanding Greek scholar and Bible commentator, and in this book he covers not only the basics of Greek, but also the basics of hermeneutics and a great introduction to the best tools available. And the best part about the book is no reading is required! Mounce’s lectures are all on a CD ROM that comes with the book. If all you do is listen through the lectures and do the exercises, you will profit immensely. If you follow the pace in the book, you will finish in six weeks.