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This volume was written as a companion volume for Shanks earlier work, Life in the Son, which defends the view that true believers can fall away.

Shank’s treatment of election is thorough and well-researched, as he interacts extensively with Calvin, Berkouwer and other Reformed writers. Of the three major views of election; Calvinist (unconditional particular election), Arminian (election based on God’s foreseeing faith) and class election (God chooses the Church as a category unconditionally, but chooses individuals to populate the Church conditionally), Shank defends class election.

While many of his arguments are strong, he fails to deal adequately with the fact that his system places man above God as the ultimate determiner of his destiny. In a few places Shank misunderstands or caricatures Calvin, but mostly his representation of Calvin is helpful as he quotes him at length.

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