My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’m not sure I would recommend the beginning of this book. In an effort to relate to the struggles men face, Gallagher describes various sexual sins in ways that could potentially increase temptation in the minds of men who struggle with lust. The most helpful chapters are ch.12-17, where he gives solutions.

A few minor concerns – on p.202 he seems to confuse repentance with victory. He describes a situation where a man who is remorseful but continues to stumble, and suggests that his ongoing stumbling shows a lack of repentance. He also holds to a view of demonic atmospheres, where demons of certain sins dominate a particular area (p.231). And on p.257, he makes a point about how love involves serving, regardless of emotion. That is true, but I think he goes too far in understating the importance of emotion. A man should serve his wife, but he should also take delight in her and have desire for her.

The most helpful principle I found in the book was his point about how lust is selfishness. When a lustful temptation arises, remind yourself that it would be selfishness, and think about what you can do to serve someone. If nothing else, pray for someone.

Overall, I think there are more helpful books on the topic of sexual purity. I recommend Finally Free by Heath Lambert.