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Just now getting around to reading the books everyone else read in high school.

Animal farm is a detailed allegory about the Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of Stalin. The basic idea is the animals overthrow the oppressive farmer and take over, but soon the leaders of the revolution (the pigs) become just as oppressive as the farmer was–the story of Marxism. Each of the details in the story represents some aspect of the Bolshevik Revolution.

The story is a good one for our culture today because Marxism is making a push in the Black Lives Matter movement and politicians such as “the Squad” and many others in today’s Democrat party. The Marxist philosophy Orwell parodies in this story is on the rise today in the form of Critical Race Theory.

Critical Theory is a philosophy that says the system needs to be destroyed because it is inherently oppressive. It preys on people who feel oppressed, or who are open to be convinced they are oppressed and promises those people that if they participate in the revolution, they will finally be the ones in power.

When those people do gain power, they inevitably become just as oppressive or more oppressive than those they overthrew. (Can you imagine being governed by the rioters of 2020?)

I pray that our culture will be able to see BLM and Critical Theory for what it is and reject it.

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