My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I found this book very helpful. It’s much more engaging and readable and less textbook-like than The Exemplary Husband. The Exemplary Husband is a great overview of what Scripture says to husbands. This book is not nearly as comprehensive, but it is much better on the practical application side. It’s loaded with very helpful ideas on how to be a better husband. Particularly helpful are all the lists he gives. For example, in one list he gives over 100 ideas for ways to express love to your wife. If you photocopy that list and have your wife check the things that mean a lot to her, and you check the things you think would mean a lot to her, it can be quite eye-opening.

Priolo’s exegesis is a little bit shaky in a few places, but generally speaking the content is much more sound than what you get in most marriage type books that are on the Christian market. I highly recommend this book.